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Published: 14th December 2009
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It is vital to understand what a template is before learning about kompozer templates.

What are templates?
There isn't any difference between a template and a letter head Templates have similar structure and similar graphical form too. We tend to use the same template in a internet site. A blank sheet is that the most common template that is used.
As we all know that the template has two parts - boilerplate which can not be changed for any page and the second one will be changed or altered.
We grasp what a template is and now we shall move to kompozer template.

What do you mean by a kompozer template?

Kompozer template may be a step ahead of the traditional template. The block part and the flow part are the two elements of the edible portion of the kompozer template. The block portion looks like the remainder of HTML blocks that contains divisions and blocks similar to paragraphs. Because of its repetitive nature, many things as per your requirement will be added.
Within the line and within the block are the flow items of the kompozer template. You will consider this, when you alter some words and lines in a paragraph, it suggests that you're following the flow items.

How to make a Kompozer template?
It is necessary to open a blank template to make a template. As a default method the templates are prepared with the transitional HTML.
Now you'll add the content that you wish to look on all the pages. Save your template 1st, before you format it or before you proceed to organize the Kompozer template in a style sheet format. You have to incorporate the editable areas now. Add dummy data to end the page layout. You can edit the info when needed.
By choosing the file and saving it in a template name you'll save a kompozer template. Finally we the HTML file.
You'll check the video tutorial for kompozer at> to be told the step by step procedure to find out making these templates.

Edit the blocks
Select and highlight the blocks that are to be edited. To choose, click the HTML tag. Once you right click the HTML tag, you get the choice to create the templates editable
Name the block, by going to 'insert an editable space' and select ok
Edit the flow items
Edited items should be highlighted. Use insert templates, Insert editable area. Name the block before saving it.

By what manner will we use the kompozer template?
A template should be saved and closed first so as to create a page based on it.
The pages created by Kompozer templates are created in HTML, is a crucial factor to be noted. XHTML document using a template can't be created. Save the templates as *.mzt.

Creation of page
Select new document with template in a file to make a page.
When you open the document, you'll see that the new document has boiler plates, labels and sample text.
Before you fill the text, delete the sample text. After saving the page, you can edit with menu commands.

You can simply create and modify the kompozer templates. A video tutorial is found that can facilitate your in learning process concerning these templates in If you're satisfied seeing the videos you'll get the product.

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